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Left side of cortex controls propositional speech in __-__% of right-handed persons
Left side of cortex controls propositional speech in __% of left-handed persons
What is the general flow of information from sensory input to motor output?
Sensory receptors > Primary sensory cortex > unimodal sensory association cortex > posterior and limbic association areas > anterior association area > unimodal motor association area > primary motor cortex > skeletal muscle movement
Term for non-verbal communication
name the aphasia: Damage to Broca's area, Person has problem generating words, but understands language
motor (expressive) aphasia
name the aphasia: damabe to Wernicke's area, person has inability to understand language, but they can speak well
Sensory (comprehension) aphasia
name the aphasia: person is fluent and can comprehend, but cannot rpeate words well.
conduction aphasia
About how many items can you be juggling in working memory at any given time?
5-9, usually around 7