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Light percussion
Increases nervous irritablity
Sedative effects are achieved by
Derivative massage
Gentle stroking
Light friction over a deep lying organ
Diminishes the organs blood supply
Massage has chiefly to do with the
Tetanic contraction may be casued by
Succession of blows
Strong vibration
What is a mechanical effect of massage
Stretches muscle fibers
Where are the blood vessels and lymphatics the larges
In the vicinity of the joints
General masage at first and briefly produces a small decrease in blood pressure
Massage of the abdomen slows the pulse by
Raising the general blood pressure
In a fever, there may be
Great increase in heat prodcution
Loss of heat reguation
A combination of increase in heat production and loss of heat regulation
Muscles at work require more oxygen and release _____ at a signnificantly increase rate
Carbon dioxide
Lymph channels are most abundant in
Subcutaneous tissue fascia
The diaphragm is know as
The great lylmph pump
What is the chief seat of heat production in the body
Stong percussion and Deep kneading have a profound effect on what
Heat production
Why would strong percussion and deep kneadaing have a profound effect
The procedures greatly effect the muscels
The fact that muscles are under the infulence of the nervous system even while at rest is know as
Muscle tone
What procedure is the treatment of choice for fever and heat elimination
The increase of heat elimination resulting from massage is directly due to increased circulation of blood to the
Heat is dissipated from the skin gby
The principal means by which the body fights an invasionof foreign microbes in connection with infectious disease and breaks down inflammartory exudates is know as phagocytosis
Massage improves elimination by
encouraging oxidation
Encouraging cellular exchanges
Delivering waste matter to organs of elimination
Massage is differs form exercise in that
It feeds the muscles without taxing the nervous center
Abdominal massage ______ urine elimination
Massage promotes activity of the skin by stimulating
Sweat glands
Sebaceous (oil) glands
Hair follicles
Vasodilation of superficial blood and lymph vessels
Evidence of stimulation of skin includes
A reddened surface
Increased perspiration
Increased hair growth
Increased oil production
What is a procedure that would encourage disgestion
Abdominal massage
Why was Kellogg so focused on the importance of regular elimination
Waste products stored too long in the large intestine are reabsorbed into the blood stream
If a client came in with blood pressure, which was controlled with medication, which procedure would you not use
A procedure know for its ability to calm the nervous system is
passive touch
A physiological effect of joint movement is
To lubricate the joint itself
If you wanted to inhibit skin functions, which procedure would you choose
Light percussion