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What is diffusion?
Random movement of molecules over short distances (accross a cell membrane) due to a pressure gradient. = PASSIVE energy/ATP necissary to perform this.
What are three things that affect permeability constant?
Thickness: (the thicker, the harder it is for things to pass through)
Temperature: the colder, the slower the passage through the CM,the warmer, the faster the movement through the CM
Type of molecule: some molecules have a higher permeability constant than others (lipid/non-polar mol.)
are lipids soluble, or insoluble?
soluble. (they can be dissolved...)
what kind of molecule passes easily through CM?
non-polar molecules...
does water penetrate through the CM by diffusion?
what is the diameter of a pore/channel?
7-8 Angstroms.
if a molecule is electrically charged, is it easier or harder for it to pass through CM by DIFFUSION?
harder. the charge makes it harder because the intra fluid is (-) charged, and like charges repel..
If water doesn't pass through the CM by diffusion, then how does it cross the membrane?
what does HYPERTONIC mean?
high pressure
low pressure/tensions
equal tension.
how do glucose and Amino acids penetrate the CM?
Mediated transport...requires a mechanism to transport objects.
Why do transports compete for an oppurtunity to transport?
because there are 5 transports for 20 kinds of AA' it's a battle to see who gets used..."Transport Olympics"
2 transports working in opposite directions.
What is important about Tumeric that I need to know
it's a spice from allows particular proteins to work....its a treatment for CYSTIC FIBROSIS
what is the RMP of Potassium?
-90 mV
what is the RMP of Sodium?
+60 mV