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can be calculated by comparing a machine's output work to its input work
a device that changes the magnitude or the direction of a force
compound machine
consists of two or more simple machinces linked so that the resistance force of one machine becomes the effort force of the second machine
resistance force
the force exerted by a machine
a unit of power defined as 1 joule per second
effort force
the force exerted by a person on a machine
work-energy therom
states that the work done on an object equals the change in kinetic energy of the object
the ability of an object to produce a change in itself or its surroundings
kinetic energy
the energy that results from the motion of an object
the rate of doing work
mechanical advantage
the ratio of the resistance force of a machine to its effort force
the SI unit used for work
ideal mechanical advantage
comparison of a machine's effort distance to the resistance distance
calculated by multiplying an applied force by the distance through which the force is applied
six simple machines
lever, wheel & axle, pulley, inclined plane, screw, wedge
3 majors parts of a lever
fulcrum - pivot point
resistance - load to be lifted
effort - the force used
1st class lever
the fulcrum is the center with resistance and effort at the ends
ex. crowbar, scissors
2nd class lever
the resistance is in the middle with the fulcrum and effort at the ends
ex. wheelbarrow
3rd class lever
the effort is in the middle with the fulcrum and resistacne at the ends
ex. fishing rod