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What is Newton's First Law?
An object in motion tends to stay in motion.
What is Newton's Second Law?
Force is equivalent to mass times acceleration.
What is Newton's Third Law?
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
What factor has the most impact on the equation of kinetic energy?
What two factors does FRICTION depend on?
Surface and mass.
If a ball is thrown STRAIGHT UP, the POTENTIAL ENERGY will...
If a ball is dropped STRAIGHT DOWN, the POTENTIAL ENERGY will...
If a ball is dropped STRAIGHT DOWN, the KINETIC ENERGY will...
As a rollercoaster moves down an incline, its ... energy will become ... energy then become ... energy.
Potential, kinetic, potential.
If you double the distance between two objects, the gravitational force...
Two slings swing at a rate of 2 revolutions per second. One is 1m in length and the other is 1/2m in length. Which moves faster in terms of liner speed?
1m sling.
Is gravity linear or non-linear? Why?
Non-linear; the speed of a dropped ball more than doubles as the height doubles.
The equation for torque is force x ...
Would a 6" ratchet or a 9" ratchet be easier to use when taking out a spark plug on a car? Why?
9"; there is more leverage.
A wheel uses what kind of friction in its normal motion?
Static; it rolls but doesn't slip.
What is the easiest way to increase the amount of friction between two objects?
Add weight to one object.