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A car travels at 40 km/h for 30" and 60 km/h for 15". How far does it travel in this time.
A) 45km
B) 37.5 km
C) 20 km
D) 35 km
E) 28.4 km
Which of these base units is currently not defined by constants of nature?
A) length
B) current
C) mass
D) time
Six pounds on Earth has what weight on the moon.
A) 1 kg
B) 6 lb
C) 36 lb
D) 1 lb
E) 1/6 lb
How many minutes would it take light, traveling at a apeed of 186,000 mi/s, to reach us from the sun? The Sun is 93 million mi from earth.
8.3 minutes
Why is Mass considered a more basic property than weight?
A mass may have weight but the weight is a property which changes as the mass is moved around in the universe. Mass is not a property which depends upon position.