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What were mapped for quiz 1? (Electric field mapping lab)
Electric field lines
Equipotential lines
What is the relationship for Ohm's law?
V = IR
Voltage is measured
Across a circuit element
What is a linear device?
Anything that follows Ohm's law
What were the two non-linear devices measured and graphed?
What is Req when in series?
Req = R1 + R2
What is true of a circuit in series?
It = I1 = I2 = I3
An oscilloscope graphs ....
voltage vs time elapsed
Formula for F resonance
f = 1/2pieLC^-1

square root
What was the name of the circuit with resistors, inductors, and capacitors
RLC circuit
What is Snell's law?
What is the distance that the most energetic particles called?
What did the graph for q and u look like?
positively linear graph that did not touch the grid.