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What does the speed of a Mechanical wave depend on?
The properties of the Medium
What does the speed of a mechanical wave not depend on?
The amplitude or Frequency of the wave.
What does the speed of a wave on a rope depend on?
The force exerted on the rope and the mass per unit length.
What does the speed of a wave in water depend on?
The depth of the water
What does the speed of a sound wave traveling through air depend on?
The temperature of the air
A wave with larger amplitude transfers more?
A wave with a smaller amplitude has the same____as a wave with a larger amplitude?
A wave with a higher frequency has?
A shorter wavelength
As long as the media are the same,the ___ of high and low frequency waves are the same
A wave that reaches the boundary between two media is called?
An incident wave
The wave that continues into the new medium with the same frequency as the incident and some of its energy
is called?
A Transmitted wave.
The wave that moves backward after it hits the boundary of two media is called?
A reflected wave
If the difference in the two media is small, the amplitude of the ______ wave is large and the amplitude of the ______ wave is small?
Transmitted ; Reflected
If two media are very different, most of the ____ is reflected
When a wave moves from a less dense medium to a more dense medium, the reflected wave is?
When a wave passes from a more dense medium to a less dense medium, the reflected pulse is?
The result of the superposition of two or more waves is called?
________ occurs when the wave displacements are in the same direction?
Constructive Interference
________ Occurs when the wave displacements are in different directions?
Destructive Interference
____ is an undisturbed point during constructive Interference?
____ is an undisturbed point during destructive interference?
_____ waves produce two nodes at the ends of the rope and an antinode in the middle and all appear to be stationary?
Standing waves
The Law of reflection?
The angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection
The change in the direction of waves at the boundary between two different media is known as?
When a wave moves from a medium with high velocity to one with a low velocity, what does not change?
The spreading of waves around the edge of a barrier is called?