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What FM covers PFT?
FM 21-20
What are the 3 phases of physical conditioning?
1. preparatory
2. conditioning
3. maintenance
What does FITT stand for?
Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type
What is the objective of physical fitness training?
to enhance soldiers' ability to meet thephyscial demands of war
What are the 3 periods of a normal daily exercise training?
1. warm-up
2. conditioning
3. cool-down
What are teh commands to get a unit from a normal line formation into an extended rectangular formation?
1. extend to the left, march
2. arms downward, move
3. left, face
4. extend to the left, march
5. arms downward, move
6. right, face
7. from front to rear, count off
8. even numbers to the left, uncover
What AR covers the Army Physical Fitness Program?
AR 350-1 Chapter 1
What are the seven basic principles of exercise?
1. regularity
2. progression
3. overload
4. balance
5. specificity
6. variety
7. recovery
What are the 5 components of physcial fitness?
1. cardio respiratory endurance
2. muscular strength
3. muscular endurance
4. flexibility
5. body composition
Name two physical fitness formations?
1. extended rectangular
2. circular
What is mean by the term "overweight"?
a soldier is considered overweight when his/her body fat percentage exceeds the standards outlined in AR 600-9
What are the primary objectives of the Army Weight Control Program?
to ensure all soldiers:
1. meet the physical demands of their duties under combat conditions
2. present a trim military appearance at all times
Name some limitations on personnel that are overweight?
1. nonpromotable
2. will no be assigned to command positions
3. not authorized to attend professional military schools
What are 3 reasons the Army is concerned about excess body fat?
1. shows lack of personal discipline
2. detracts from military appearance
3. may indicate a poor state of health, physical fintess, or stamina
Tape measures used for taping should be made of what material?
non-stretchable material
How often should soldiers in the weight control program weigh in?
monthly to measure progress
What is the required weight loss goal for soldiers on the Army weight control program?
3 to 8 pounds a month
What regulation covers the Army weight control program?
AR 600-9
What 3 things must happen when a soldier is determined to be overweight?
1. entered in to weight control program
2. flagged by the commander
3. must be counseled by a health care personnel
How often should soldiers be weighed?
when a soldier takes the APFT or ever 6 months
Define tape test?
a method of determing a soldier's body fat percentage
What circumference sites are used for taping male and female soldiers?
female - neck, waist, hip
male - neck, abdomen
Waht is the DOD-wide goal of body fat percentage?
male 18%
female 26%