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applied science
scientific activities directed toward solving specific problems
the philosophy that considers man the center of all things and the ultimate authority in the universe
the view that the universe was spoken into existence by the miraculous acts described in Genesis 1 and 2
pure science
scientific activities motivated by interest or curiosity and performed to gain knowledge for its own sake
man's observation of the physical world
a way of thinking based on one's own mental learning or inclination
value judgment
a decision regarding the rightness, beauty, worth, or some other immeasurable characteristic of an object or action
the practical use of knowledge gained through pure and applied science
the belief that the physical universe somehow structured itself out of self-existing matter, and that its parts continue to organize themselves into more complex structures as time progresses
theistic evolution
the attempted harmonization of evolution with belief in God
any collection of scientific information
mutation-selection theory
the belief that living things evolved from more primitive life forms by random changes in the DNA