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describe science and skills?
science is a way to gather & organize about the natural world. Science is a collection of facts and theories bout the world round u. Skills is to obsrve using 5 senses.
What is infer?
when you apply reasons to explain an obeservations you make an inferences.
what is estimate?
making a very careful, thought out guess.
to measure?
Collecting exact info about an observation.
to predict
State in writtiong what you think will happen in the future.
to classify
Grouping objects together based on similarities.
What is a hypothesis?
Suggesting an answer to a problem.
What is to record & organize?
can be in the form of measurement, predictions, etc.
to analyze
lokking for trends or patterns in your data.
Methods of science
1. state the problem
2. hypothesis
3. Plan the experiment
4. make a prediction.
5. gather and organize dats
6. Analyze data
7. Conclude