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Inertia increases as _________ increases.
not weight but .....
_____ use physical science to explain how plants use carbon dioxide and water to make food.
The field of ______ uses physical science to explain the composition of planets, the light emitted by stars, and the motionof different galaxies in the universe.
the study of stars
Graduated cylinders are used to measure _________?
the volume of liquids
the button on your remote that turns sound up and down of water.
The mass of an elephant on the moon would be?
a)less than its mass on Mars
b)more than its mass on Mars
c)the same as its weight on the moon
d)none of the above
d.none of the above
not b or c
You accidentally break your pencial in half.This is an example of?
a physical change
first word is what the p in p.e. stands for
An amount of vinegar would be expressed in _______ for scientific experiments.
liters or milliliters.
no hint
Which of the following is NOT a chemical property?
a)reactivity with oxygen
d)reactivity with acid
not a or d
Which of the following statements are true?
a)Density depends on mass and volume.
b)Density is weight per unit volume.
c)Density is measured in milliliters.
d)Density is a chemical property.
a.density depends on mass and volume
volume is part of the answer
Which of the following pairs of objects would have the greatest attraction toward each other due to gravity?
a)a 10 kg object and a 10kg object,4 m apart
b)a 5 kg object and a 5 kg object, 4 m apart
c)a 10 kg object and a 10 kg object, 2 m
d)a 5 kg object and a 5 kg object, 2 m apart.
c. a 10 kg object and a 10 kg, 2 m apart
no a or b
Which of the following is NOT a physical property of matter?
c)Thermal conductivity
d)Reactivity to water
d. reactivity to water
think liquidy
A _______ object has more inertia than a 20 kg object.
30,000 g.
20 + 10 times 100
During physical changes, matter always reatins its what?
it stays the same with its?
One way to compare the densities of oil and water is to pour the liquids into a glass container and observe how they ______?
seperate into layers
no hint
Physical Science is the study of?
Matter and energy
its one of these 3 choices
a)matter and motion
b)matter and energy
c)energy and motion
10 m is = to
1,000 cm and 10,000 mm
multiply it
For a hypothesis to be valid, it must be
Testable and supported by evidence
something u study for and something u would use as a lawyer
The statement "Sheila has a stain on her shirt" is an example of a(n)
when u think about something
A hypothesis is often developed out of what?
observations and experiments
What scientist do
How many milliliters are in 3.5 kL?
3,500,000 mL
times 3.5 by 1,000,000
A map of Seattle is an example of a
when car makers make a plastic car to help design for a real car. wut are the plastic cars?
Which of the following is an example pf technology?
a) mass b) physical science c)screwdriver or d) none of these
c. screwdriver
u use this with screws
Physical science is often divided into physics and?
when u dont have this with a guy
Which of the following situations is LEAST likely to involve elements of physical science?
a)earthquake waves traveling through Earth's layers
b)plants using the sun's energy to make food
c)social interactions between animals
d)pollutants changing form when released into the atmosphere interactions between animals
no hint
A _______ is a summary of many experimental results and observations.
scientific law
no hint
What object contains more matter than a 15 kg object?
20,000 g.
think of grams
Colored balls and sticks arranged to show the types and placement of particles in a water molecule is an example of a?
same with the map question
The field of _____ uses physical science to explain how the heart pumps blood, how the eyes work and how the brain sends electrical impulses throughout the body.
is sometimes called applied science, applies scientific understanding to colve problems, and can r efer to objects used to accomplish tasks.
applying has to do with some of it
The amount of space taken up by an object is known as the object's ______.
a button on your remote
To measure the volume of water correctly, read the scale on a graduated cylinder at the ______ part of the meniscus.
not highest but....
Weight and what are the same thing?
a)mass c)inertia
b)volume d)none of the above
d. none of the above
not a or c
Over time, you can expect the amount of mass to change in a ?
this thing grows
Gravity affects an object's what?
how much do u ..... 85 lbs
The SI unit of force is the what?
Sir Isaac What?