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Name the 3 basic movement skils and give examples
Locomotor-moving body from place to place-walking/running/skipping/leaping/galloping/sliding
Nonlocomotor skills-done in place w/ very little movement-bending/stretching/pushing/pulling/rasiisng/twisting/turning/shaking/bouncing
Manipulative skills-used when the child handles a pay object-throwing/batting/kicking/catching
what is the definition of Cardiovascular Fitness?
The ability of the entire body to work together efficiently-to be able to do the most work with the least effort.
What is overload?
exerting yourself to a far greater degree than during normal activitiese.
How many calories a day need to be cut to lose weight?
250 calorie drop a day combined with 250 calorie burn will result in a loss of one pound a week
What 3 things are required for aerobic exercise??
muscle contraction and movement of the body as well as large amounts of oxygen.
What is required for an exercise to be considered an aerobic exercise?
must require a great deal of oxygen, must be continuous and rhythmic, must exercise major muscle groups and burn fat as an energy source, must last for at least 20 minutes and target heart rate. Target heartrate = subtract 80% of age from 220
What does anatomy describe?
the structure, position, and size of various organs.
Types of joints with examples
ball and socket-shoulder/hip
pivot-head of sppine
gliding-carpal/tarsal bones
angular-wrist/ankle joints
partially moveable-vertebrae
immovable-adult cranium
Name 6 team sports and include # of players, amount needed to win by
vollleyball-6 players, 2/3 games, 25 pts by margin of2
basketball-5 players
Softball-9 or 10 players thru 7 innings
field hockey-11 players
soccer-11 players
Flag football-9 or 11 players
Name 4 dual sports and # players and scoring
Tennis margin of 2
Badmitton-doubles 15 singles 21 by a margin of 2
table tennis 21 points by margin of 2
shuffleboard-50/75/100 points
What is important to remember in weight training
consider the concept of muscular balance-equal strength in opposing muscle groups. All opposing groups (Antagonistic muscles), ie..triceps and biceps, hamstrings and quads, need to be equal or body parts ma become improperly aligned.
What is Public Law 94-142
provides the legal definiton for the term "handicapped children".
what percent of the diet should come from complex carbohydrates, proteins, fat (list kinds) and name both kinds of cholestreol
complex carbohydrates should be 1/2 of the diet. Proteins should be 1/5 of the diet. Fat: unsaturated (vegetables) and saturated (animals or vegetables). Cholesterol: LDL(bad) HDL (good)
Name 9 vitamins and what they do,tissue growth
D-abosrption of calcium/phosphorus.
E-protects cell membranes
Thiamin/B1-nerve function/muscle growth
Riboflavin/B2-production of red blood cells/vision
Pyridoxine/B6-red blood cell formation and growth
B12-nerve tissue/energy
Name 7 minerals and what they do
SOdium-water balance inside/outside cells
Potassium-volume and balnce of body fluids/prevents cramping
Zinc-taste/appetite/wound healing
Iron-red blood cell formation/oxygen transport
Calcium-strong bones/muscle cramping
Phosphorus-blood chemistry/strong bones
Magnesium-energy production/heart rhythm