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What are the definitions of physical education?
1. A means of education through movement activities.
2. The sum total of a person's physical activities, selected as to kind and conducted as to outcomes.
What does "as to kind" refer to?
the personal value or the activity to each individual
What does "conducted as to outcomes" refer to?
traditional in nature
-physiological results in growth and development
- movement experiences may mean a real interest in a healthier lifestyle.
what is physical education?
"the phase of the general education program that contributes to teh total growth of each child primarily through movement."
What are the unique outcomes of physical education?
1. achievement of personal fitness
2. skill acquisition and movement competence
3. an understanding of movement
What is the AAHPERD?
The American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.
What are some of the games in teh physical ed hall of shame?
dodge ball, duck duck goose, kick ball, brownies and fairies, musical chairse, relays, red rover, messy backyard, steal the bacon, simon says, SPUD, tag
the purpose of phys ed is to be ____ not to ____
active, win
how did the greeks and romans contribute to phys ed?
-harmony of the mind and body (greek)
-good military training (roman)
early american settlers
believed in hard work and children brought games - ring around the rosie
germans and swedes
john-father of german gymnasitcs (the turnplatz, stallbars)
ling-father of swedish gymnastics (exercize programs)
world war I and II
soldiers were unfit when they came into the military
-basic training
-put sports program into schools (wwII)
soldiers were better fit when coming into military
Kraus Weber Test
1950s, only test for lower back and abdominal strength
57% failed in US
8.8 % failed in austria
8% failed in italy
what did eisenhower do as a result of the kraus weber test?
Presidents Councel on Fitness
movement education
rudolph laban
combines the concept of efficient and expressive movement to the child
-analyzed movement-observed factory workers to make work easier
-austrio hungarian empire
-military brat
-commissioned by nazis to do opening ceromonies in berlin for olympics
-set up labanotation
what is labanotation?
created by rudolph laban.
-a way to write down movements
Perceptual Motor Programs
-thought movement experiences would help in the academic field
-stages-if one was missed, go back and repeat
Title IX
-equal sports
-no person on basis of sex shall be excluded
PL 94-142
-least restricted environment for the exceptional population
-special access (ramps, handicap parking)
-special transportation
-IEP (individualized Education Plan)
Pep Grant
School PE teacher applies for a grant to get money for PE education
Brain Based Education
Crossing the midline
Class Management
1. Direct learning towatd goals and standards
2. be organized
3. be aware of how teachers behavior affects students
4. model good behavior
5. communicate effectively
6. avoid sarcasm
necessary Management Skills
-starting and stoppign the class
-organizing students
-learning students names
-preparing kids for activities
-using equipment
-establish positive teaching environment
-deal with innappropriate behavior
-using punishment
establishing protocals
-predetermined routines
-practiced until learned
examples of protocals
-start and stop signals
-selecting groups and partners
Back to the wall
-scanning the perimeter
-enhances teacher "withitness"
-minimizes off-task behavior
instant activity
-children active shortly after arrival
-instruction after instandt activity
-posters and bulletin boards
-verbal reminders
3 keys to motivating children
1. Success oriented
Self Adusted
Slanty Rope
2. Intrinsically motivated
3. Developmentally appropriate