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What is the skeleton?
The bony framework of the body
Give four functions of the skeleton?
-gives the body its shape and also supports its.
-helps us to move about
-they protect the vital organs
-they help to produce red blood cells in the bone marrow
What is cartilage?
it is a firm, flexible tissue which covers the ends of joints and forms structures such as the external ear.
What are ligaments?
strond cords and straps that lash bones together and hold a joint in place
What are tendons?
cords and straps that connect muscle to bone
A band of tissue in the body that can contract so as to move or hold the position of a part of the body is called a _______
Give another name for the bone
the bony part of the roof of the mouth is called the ______
The only moveable bone on the face is the______
lower bone which is a hinge joint. The jaw bones hold the teeth in place
Give another name for the vertebral column
spine or backbone
how many bones are found in the human body?
What is another name for the breast bone?
the sternum
Give the four types of bones in your skeleton
long bones, short bones, flat bones and iregular bones
give the five parts of the vertebral column
cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae, sacrium and coccyx
give the five types of joints found in the human body
slipping joint, pivot joint, ball and socket joint, saddle joint and a hinge joint