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7 yo boy has a limited ability to abduct and interally rotate his hip, thus interfering with his ability to do the hokey-pokey. He also walks with a limp. Dx? Eponym?
Legg-Calve-Perthes disease

(Avascular necrosis of femoral diaphysis)
Pt has dislocated shoulder. Shoulder is squared off and the head of the humerus is beneath the coracoid process. Dx?
Anterior glenohumeral dislocation
Patient dislocates shoulder for the first time. After reduction, is further treatment necessary?
Yes, 80% relapse w/o treatment.

Rx: surgery or physical therapy
Which wrist bone is most commonly injured by falling on the outstretched hand?
Where is the pain of a scaphoid fracture perceived?
anatomical snuffbox
Do scaphoid fractures heal well? Why?
No, poor blood supply.
When a patient balls his hand up into a fist and deviates it to the ulnar side, he feels pain on the radial side. Test name? Diagnosis?
Test: Finkelstein test

Dx: de Quervain's tenosynovitis
Patient breaks fifth metacarpal bone. Buzzword?
Boxer's fracture
Which nerve is most likely to be damaged by a fracture of the distal third of the humerus?
Radial nerve
What causes papal hand?
Median nerve palsy
What causes claw hand?
Ulnar nerve palsy
What is a McMurray test?
Feeling for torn meniscus by rotating the knee
Which test is the most sensitive test for detecting an torn ACL?
the Lachman test
What is the name of the test whereby a clinician feels for a torn meniscus by rotating the knee?
the McMurray test
What is the Lachman test?
the most sensitive test for detecting an ACL
Which causes more immediate swelling: ACL tears or meniscal tears?
ACL tears, because the ACL is more vascular.
Child has bone pain that is worse at night and relieved by aspirin. Dx?
Dx: osteoid osteoma
What two tests can you do to detect carpal tunnel syndrome?
Tinel sign -> tap volar surface to cause pain/paresthesias

Phelan sign -> hold wrist in flexion for 1 minute to reproduce symptoms
What constitutes a "positive" stright leg raise test?
Pain must be produced at less than 70 degrees.
What is the Faber test?
Pain with (F)lexion, (Ab)dubction, and (E)xternal (R)otation.

Sign of osteoarthritis of the hip.
Actually, FABER is a mnemonic
Child has torticolis and inability to raise one arm. Name of birth defect?
Sprengel's deformity - a small and elevated scapula.
What is the test for ankylosing spondylitis?
Schober test - make two marks on lower back, and measure the change in distance between them while the patient is standing and then while the patient is bent over.