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What is the best (most sensitive) test for detecting gallstones?
HIDA scan: HIDA injection -> nuclear scanning

Utz is much less sensitive
Eponym: periumbilical hemorrhage
Cullen sign

Josh: Cumbilical sign
Eponym: flank ecchymoses
Turner sign

Josh: just around the turns
What is the classic x-ray finding with pancreatitis?
Sentinel loop: air in the inflamed, immobile adjacent small intestine.
Represents decreased motility of intestines that is typical of inflammed intestine.
What lab test is contraindicated in a patient with a suspected perforation of a peptic ulcer?
Barium swallow
Which lab should be ordered in a patient with a suspected perforation of a peptic ulcer?
Abdominal X-ray -> free intraperitoneal air under the diapragm indicates perforation
What are the palpable masses in diverticulitis?
Inflammation -> Fixed sausage-like mass -> loops of inflammed, immobile small intestine
You shake a patient's heel, and he experiences extreme pain in his abdomen. What is this sign called (eponym)?
Positive Merkel sign
A patient experiences abdominal pain when you fix his foot with his knee flexed, then internally and externally rotate his hip. What is this sign called (eponym)?
Positive Obturator sign
A patient experiences abdominal pain with hip flexion. What is this sign called (eponym)?
Psoas sign
A patient experiences RLQ pain when you palpate the LLQ. What is this sign called (eponym)?
Rovsing sign
A patient has absent bowel sounds in the RLQ. What is this sign called (eponym)? WHAT IS THE DIAGNOSIS?
Dance sign

Dx: intussusception
Describe the staging of hepatic encephalopathy.
1: mild mood changes +/- asterix
2: lethargy w/ asterixis
3: marked confusion
What is a Dieulafoy lesion?
Rare cause of upper GI bleed, where an arteriole protrudes through a defect in the mucosa.
Pt has heart disease, CNS abmormalities, arthralgias, abdominal pain, fever, weight loss, and diffuse lymphadenopathy. Intestinal biopsy reveals PAS-positive foamy macrophages. What is the causative organism?
Trophyerma whippelii - Whipple's disease
What is a potential cause of a false-negative fecal occult blood test?
Vitamin C
an antioxidant that interferes with the reaction
A patient eats fish and chips. The next day, during a routine physical, he has a positive FOBT. What caused it?
What is tenesmus? What disease is it most typically associated with?
Tenesmus is a feeling of incomplete defecation and is associated with IBS, as well as IBD and a variety of rectal maladies, including rectal gonorrhea.
Describe the grading of cirrhosis.
1: No neuro deficits; Bili<2.0
2: Minimal deficits; Bili:2-3.0
3: Coma; Bili>3.0
Grade 1-3