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What are the two most common causes of pseudo-Cushing's?
2) alcoholism
Two frequent comorbidities
Acromegaly si/sx:
Heart: Dilated cardiomyopathy
Wrist: Carpal Tunnel
Skin: Skin Tags
Colon: Multiple polyps
Patient has arrhytmia that has been treated medically. What is the classical endocrine complication?
Amiodarone-induced hypothyroidism
What is de Quervain's disease?
Radial tenosynovitis
What drugs cause premature osteoporosis? (4)
Patient has both Hashimoto thyroiditis and Addison's disease. What is the eponymic diagnosis?
Schmidt syndrome
What is the best physical exam test to predict lower extremity complications in a diabetic?
Diminished pressure sensation in the soles
What is the lab test for the diagnosis the most common type of congenital adrenal hyperplasia?
Elevated 17-OH progesterone
Can a goiter cause vocal cord paralysis?
No, but it can cause superior vena cava syndrome and vocal cord paralysis.
What is the eponym for radial tenosynovitis?
de Quervain's disease
What is Schmidt syndrome?
Comorbid Hashimoto thyroiditis and Addison's disease.
Describe the Tanner stages in boys.
1: prepubertal
2: slight testicular enlargment; some fine pubic hair; no penile involvement
3: testicular/penile enlargement; curly pubic hair
4: more growth; more hair, but all within inguinal folds
5: hair spreads to medial thigh
Tanner 1 to 5
Describe the Tanner stages in boys.
1: prepubertal
2: fine, straight hair on labia
3: dark, coarse hair on labia
4: more hair, but all within inguinal folds
5: hair spreads to medial thigh
Tanner 1 to 5
Most common hyperlipoproteinemia? Common clinical finding?
Type 2a -> tendon xanthomas
What is proptosis?
Forward bulging of the eye.
Patient with DKA has proptosis, eye pain, and fever. Dx?
Diabetic patient has pronounced peripheral neuropathy and a painful right foot. Dx?
Charcot joint -> multiple fractures
What is the Somogyi effect?
Nocturnal hypoglycemia that results from insulin production
What is the Dawn effect?
Morning hyperglycemia that results from increased counter-regulatory hormones, that were produced in response to nocturnal hypoglycemia (Somogyi effect).
What is MODY
Maturity onset diabetes of the young?
What is Whipple's triad?
1) hypoglycemic Si/Sx
2) documented hypoglycemia
3) si/sx relieved by glucose administration
Necessary for diagnosis of hypoglycemia.