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When the begining the interview, include:
your name, the purpose of the visit, approx. time, and assurance of confidentiality and any related costs.
An accurate understanding of the other person's feelings within a communication context is an example of:
you have come into a patient's room to conduct an admission interiew. Because you are expecting a phone call, you stand near the door during the interiew. A more appropriate approach would be to:
have someone else answer the phone so you can sit facing the patient.
Students frequently ask teachers, " May I ask you a question ?" This is an example of what kind of question?
a Closed question
during a patient interview you recognize the need to use interpretation. This verbal response:
is based on the interviewer's inference from the data that have been presented.
A good rule for an interviewer when balancing listening and speaking is to:
spend more time listening to the tpatient than talking.
What is included as examples of intimate-partner violence?
An ex-boyfriend stalking his ex-girlfriend, marital rape, hitting a date
Routine, universal screening for domestic violence means:
asking all persons, who come into health care system if they are abused each time they come.
Mental health problems associatied with intimate partner violence include:
Gynecological problems not associated with intimate partner violence include:
ovarian cysts.
Risk factors for intimate partner homicide include:
abuse during pregnacy.
Elder abuse and neglect include:
willful infliction of force, witholding prescription medication without medical orders, not replacing broken eyeglasses, threatening to place someone in a nursing home.