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The function of the venous system is:
to hold more blood when blood volume increases
The organs that aid the lymphatic system are:
spleen, tonsils, and thymus.
A pregnant patient presents with complaints of dependent edema, varicosites in the legs, and hemorrhoids. The best response is:
The symptoms are caused by the pressure of teh growing uterus on the veins. They are usual conditions of pregnancy.
A pulse with an amplitude of 3+ would be considered:
inspection of a person's right hand reveals a red, swollen area. To further assess for infection, you would palpate the:
epitrochlear node.
in order to screen for deep vein thrombosis, you would:
measure the widest point of the calf with a tape measure.
during the examination of the lower extremities, you are unable to palpate the popliteal pulse. You should:
proceed with the exam. It is often impossible to palpate this pulse.
while reviewing a medical record, a notation of 4+ edema ofthe right leg is noted. The best description of this type of edema is:
very deep pitting, indentaion lasts a long time.
The examiner wishes to assess for arterial deficit in the lower extremites. After raising the legs 12 inches off the table and then having the person sit up and dangle the leg, the color should return in:
10 seconds or less.
Atrophic skin changes that occur with peripheral arterial insufficiency include:
thin, shiny with loss of hair.
intermittent claudication is:
muscular pain brought on by exercise.
a known risk factor for venous ulcer development is:
Brawny edema is: