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Re: social history, what does HEADS stand for?
Home/support system
What to dif if pt has + complaint under ROS?
If it has been diagnosed and treated, put it under PMH, if no diagnosis, put it in ROS and do an HPI.
Aggravating/associated sx
HEENT: What is the palpebral fissure?
The opening between the eyelids.
When you pull someone's bottom eyelid down you are looking at the...
Fluid that lubricates the eye comes from the...located...
Lacrimal gland located within the bony orbit.
Tears drain through the ... and drain into the .....
puncta....nasolacrimal duct
The __________ is 1/3 the size of the ________ in fundus of the eye.
Optic cup is 1/3 the size of the optic disk.
When shining light into one eye then the other we are checking the _____________ rxn and the _________ rxn.
Direct, consensual
When we ask a pt to follow our finger to the center of their nose we are assessing....
When you ask a pt to read from a snellen chart you are testing CN__?
When you assess exraocular movements, you are checking CN __,__,and __.
III, IV, and VI.
To assess visual fields by confrontation you...
Wiggle fingers in temporal fields (fishbowl test).
Myopia is....
Difficulty seeing things far away, like me.
Presbiopia is...
decreased accomodation with age...old people.
hyperopia is
farsighted...can't see things that are close but not related to age.
If a pt presents with painless bilateral inflamed eyelids with no impaired visual acuity and (perhaps) loss of lashes, suspect...
If a pt presents with unilateral pain and swelling of the eyelid, an induated lesion with pus and erythema, suspect...
If a pt presents with unilateral chronic painless indurated lesion on lid with possible puritis and redness of involved eye/eyelid, suspect...
If a pt presetns with unilateral -->bilateral scratchy eye with no pain and purulent ddischarge and no change in visual acuity, this suggests...
Bacterial conjunctivitis.
If a pt presents with gradual onset unilateral-->bilateral scratchy eye with watery discharge and no changes in visual acuity, think...
Viral conjuctivitis.
If a pt presents with chronic seasonal bilateral itchy eyes with mucoid discharge and no change in visual acuity, suggest...
Allergic conjunctivitis.
If a pt presents with uniulateral pain and photophobia with varial bisual acuity and lots of tears, this suggest...
corneal abrasion or foreign body.
Generally, if a pt complains of photophobia, this suggests an infection of ______ origin.
The following conditions have what in common?
Migraine, retinal detachment, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy.
They present without pain.
If a pt has conductive hearling loss, the Rinne test will result in ________ and Weber will result in_______.
BC>AC, lateralization to affected ear.
If a pt has sensiorineural hearing loss, it is like that the Rinne test will result in ____ and weber test will result in_____.
AC>BC, lateralization to good ear.
Examples of sensorineural hearing loss and disorders include:
Miniere's disease
Noise exposure
Pt complains of bilateral itching, pain, discharge, painful and swollen external cannal, think...
External otitis.
Pt complains of severe, deep, unilateral pain and fullness. You see a red buldging TM, decreased light reflex, and redness, this is likely....
Otitis media
Pt complains of unilateral px, crackling or decreased hearing. You see air behind TM, and pt is + for conductive hearing loss, think....
Serous otitis.
S/s of minieres disease...
Vertigo, hearing loss, fever, nausea
Pt presents with + FH of allergies, sneezing, runny nose. You see pale, boggy mucousa, clear watery mucous. This looks like...
Allergic rhinitis
Pt has hx of recent URI, h/a worse with bending over, sensation of fullness or pressure in face. You see purulent discharge, find a toothache on percussion and decreased transillumination. This is...
Acute sinusitis.
Pt presents with sore throat, unable to lie flat, unableto talk. You notice respiratory distress, drooling, and very sick looking person. What do you do and what is this?
Do NOT examine the throat, this is epiglottitis and refer ASAP to ED.
Pt comes in with a scratchy sore throat, malaise, myalgia, headache, chills, cough and rhinitis. You see redness and edema or throat, Tender posterior cervical nodes. This is likely...
Viral pharyngitis.
Pt comesi n withs udden onset fever, severe sore throat, malaise, no cough or URI sx. You get a temp over 101.5, see exudate, and notiece anterior cervical lymphadenopathy. This is likely...
Streptococcal pharyngitis.
Pt presents ith slow onset malaise, low grade fever and mild sore throat. You see some exudate, paletine petechia, post cervical lymphadenopathy and poss splenomegaly. This is...
ID all the lymphnodes
Superficial cervical
posterior cervial
What is leukoplakia?
White patchy lesions on the tongue. Cannot be wiped away. Precancerous so biopsy!
What are the landmark structures of the neck?
Hyoid bone
Cricoid cart
thyroid gland