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Using the otoscope, the typmanic membrane is visualized. The color of a normal membrane is:
pearly gray
Sensorineural hearing loss may be related to:
a gradual nerve degeneration
Prior to examining the ear with the otoscope, what should be palpated for tenderness?
pinna, tragus, and mastoid process
While viewing with the otoscope,the examiner instructs the person to hold the nose and swallow. During this maneuver, the eardrum should:
To diferentiate between air conduction and bone conduction hearing loss, the examiner would perform:
Rinne test
In examining the ear of an adult, the canal is straightened by pulling the auricle:
up and back
Darwin's tubercle is:
a congentital, painless nodule at the helix
When the ear is being examined with the otoscope, the patient's head should be:
Tilted away from the examiner
The hearing receptors are located in the:
The sensation of vertigo is the result of:
pathology in the semicircular canals
A common cause of conductive hearing loss is:
impacted cerumen
In the Rinne test, the 2 to 1 ratio refers to:
the lengths of time until the patient stops hearing the tone by air conduction and by bone conduction
Upon examination of the tympanic membrane, visualizaiton of which of the following findings indicates the infection of acute purulent otitis media?
absent light reflex, reddened drum, bulging drum
In examining a young adult woman, you observe her tympanic membrane to be yellow in color. You suspect she has:
serum in the middle ear.
Risk reduction for acute otitis media includes:
eliminating smoking in the house and car