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The reservoir for storing milk in the breast are:
lactiferous sinus
The most common site of breast tumors is:
upper outer quadrant
When teaching the breast self-exam, you would inform the woman that the best time to conduct breast self-examination is:
on the 4-7 day of the cycle
How often should women have a clinical breast examination:
every year
The examiner is going to inspect the breasts for retraction. The best position for this part of the exam is:
sitting with hands pushing onto hips
A bimanual technique may be preferred approachfor a woman:
with pendulous breasts
During the exmination of a 70 year old man, you note gynecomastia. You would:
review the medication for drugs that have gynecomastia as side effects
during a breast examination, you detect a mass. What description is most consistent with cancer rather than benign breast disease?
irregular, poorly defined, fixed
During the examination of the breasts of a pregnant woman, you would expect to find:
a blue vascular pattern over both breasts
Breast asymmetry should always be investigated. T/F
False: it may be normal
Gynemastia is:
enlargement of the male breast
Which is the first physical change associated with puberty in girls?
breast bud development