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________is the belief that individuals may be possessed by evil spirits that cause abnormal behavior
Another term that has roughly the same meaning as "abnormal psychology" is
mental illness
_________is the dynamic process by which an individual responds to the challenges posed by his or her environment
The study of phrenology reflects a/n _____________view of abnormal behavior
The father of American psychiatry and orignator of such "humane" treatments as the tranquilizing chair, was
Benjamin Rush
Another term for the model of abnormal behavior that integrates different models, in dynamic interactional perspective is the _________approach
_________is the unpleasant state that may emerge, when situations in our daily lives demand more of us than we can provide
The variable or construct of most interest, that gets measured or studied by an experimenter is called the ________variable
A particular type of research investigation that involves the intensive study of a single person is the __________
Case study
A particular type of research study that addresses the question of what treatment best helps individuals with a specific disorder is the ____________.
clinical trail
People with mental illness may experience a form of prejudice and discrimnation known as ________
The difference between maladaptive behavior and defiant behavior is ____________.
maladaptive behavior causes concern to the individual, his or her family and friends and society
Treating mental illness by a procedure known as trephination probably reflects what type of belief about mental disorders
the idea that abnormal behavior results from demonic possession
__________pioneered the reform movement in Europe
Phillipe pinel
___________founded a citizen's reform group that was instrumental in improving treatment of the mentally ill in the U.S.
Clifford Beers
Psychologists use findings from _________research to help them understand patterns and relationships between maladaptive behvaior, certain populations and enviornmental and behavioral factors
Which two types of studies avoid some of the logistical and expense problems of longitudinal studies, while allowing researchers to follow people over a period of time?
cross- sectional and follow up
The variable or construct that gets manipulate or controlled by an experimenter is called the __________ variable
The most commonly used measure of variability between assessments is the _______.
standard deviation
Which of the following does not contribute to mental status, or human behavior?
deterministic variables
the part of the central nervous system that is responsible for the activity of the glands and internal organs is the ___________.
autonomic nervous system
Which of the following is not one of the modern methods used to conduct brain imaging?
None of the above
Self Pyschology, a contemporary form of psychoanalysis, was most developed by ___________.
Heinz kohut
If a reinforcer is effective in increasing the fruquency of the behavior it follows, than that reinforcer is said to be ___________.
___________is the model that is most associated with an emphasis on how people acquire and interpret information, and use it in solving problems
The cognitive perspective
The therapist is investigating how her client's irrational beliefs are causing distress and poor coping. this therapist is using the _________model of therapy
rational emotive
The idea that "there is no such thing as scientific knowledge; there are only individual perceptions of what appears to each person to be such knowledge." would be most associated with the ___________perspective
Theorists who endorse community-cultural perspective believe that ____________.
forces outside of the individual are stronger in directing what we do that internal psychological or biological processes
The authors of your abnormal psychology text endorse the ___________
__________in twins refers to the relationship between twins with respect to a given characstertics or trait
In the brain, the_________ controls thinking and other distinctive human behavior, while the _________is responsible for hearing, vision, sensation, and other physical processes
cerebral cortex, cortex
A_________ would study the relationship between schizophrenia and abnormalities in brain structure and frunction
Which is the correct order for Freud's psychosexual stages of development?
oral, anal, phallic, latency, genital
________viewed personality development as a life-long process that proceeds in stages
Erik Erikson
If taking an aspirin makes your headache go away, you are likely to take aspirin the next time you have a headache, demostrating the principle of
negative reinforcement
Albert Bandura's research demostrated that ___________.
behaviors can be learned without reinforcement
Rational-emotive therapy is based on the idea that__________
irrational thoughts cause emotional overreactions
theorists who endorse the humanistic- existential perspective believe that
inner experiences and a search for the meaning of existence should be the focus of psychology
The intergrative approach to abnormal psychology takes the position that _____________.
behavior is a function of several factors
A specific type of classification used in the area of abnormal psychology is
the major clinical syndromes or problems of interest in abnormal psychology are found on Axis____ of the DSM_IV TR
Which of the following is not a concern that has been raised about diagnosis, using the DSM_IV TR?
it provides too much information to be useful clinically
Clinical judgments have found to be less reliable when_________
clinicians use consistent ways to gather and organize diagnostic information
The _________quick and effcient assessment tool to determine a person's overall ability to function cognitively
Mental status examination
The most structured interviews discussed in chapter 4 was the ______________
diagnostic interview schedule
Norman is a 75 yr old black man, who has been suffering from memory problems and disorientation. the type of assessment that would provide the most useful information in this case is _______________
Nueropsychological assessment
In addition to the clinical information they yield, complex personality inventories such as the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory also provide a series of ________scales
__________involve the assessment of personality, through the evaluation of the how the individual reacts to ambiguous stimuli
Projective test
___________is used to detect physiological reactions that might be associated with the telling of lies
the polygraph
Diagnoses can be summarized easily in a single label or category
Axis II of the DSM_IV includes
personality disorders
The global assessment of functioning rating on the DSM_IV is a scale that ranges from
1 to 100
A temporary disruption in the normal function of consciousness, such as loss of memory, conciousness or identity is classified in the DSM_IV is
Dissociative disorders
A persistent negative emotional or behavioral reaction in response to a negative life event is classified in the DSM_IV as
adjustment disorder
In the earlier versions of the Binet tests, IQ scores wre computed according to which equation?
IQ=MC/CA x 100
A promising theortical approach to personality assessement is the ___________.
five factor model
A measurement that is recorded prior to any therapeutic intervention is known as a _________.
baseline observation
_________assessments help clinican's understand a client's social network
The polygraph measures
physiological reactions
Assessment techniques can accomplish all but which of the following?
guarantee an accurate diagnosis
Diagnosis is a relatively unimportant step in the process of identifying and classifying a clinical condition, as it is irrelevant to effective treatment and appropriate therapy
Which of the following is not one of the general types of mood disorders listed in the DSM-IV?
Cycling disorders
The rate of mood disorders is the highest for _____.
None of the above
Which of the following is a known risk factor for Major depressive disorder?
Lack of social support
Prozac is a(n) _____.
Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor
The short-term psychodynamically based therapy, with good evidence for success in treating depression, is _____.
Interpersonal therapy
The idea that depression results from a discrepancy between the person that one would like to be ("the Ideal self"), versus the person that one actually is, is most consistent with the _____ perspective of depression.
Your therapist is helping you to overcome depression, by helping you to evaluate the accuracy and helpfulness of your automatic thoughts in different situations. Most likely, your therapist has adopted the _____ perspective.
The evidence about risk factors for Bipolar disorders most strongly suggests the role of _____.
Which of the following psychosocial factors has not been associated with Bipolar disorder?
Negative automatic thoughts
Which of the following statements about suicide is true?
More women than men attempt suicide, but more men than women complete suicide.
The rate of ______disorder is about twice as high in women than men.
Major depressive
____ disorder occurs with approximately equal frequency in men and women.
What is the most likely biological factor in depression?
Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters in the brain
5-hydroxytryptamine is the chemical name for _____.
What is the most commonly used treatment for Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)?
Exposure to bright lights
Which disorder responds best to electroconvulsive therapy?
Adjustment disorder with depressed mood
____ is a feature of mania.
Elevated mood
Rates of ____ have been relatively common among famous American poets.
Bipolar disorder
Which age group has exhibited a rise in suicide rates in recent years?
15 to 19
What is postvention?
Providing therapy for those who were close to a suicide victim
____ schizophrenia is marked by delusions and suspiciousness.
Pauline has the idea that her parents come into her room when she is not home, to look for drugs. This idea represents _____.
None of the above
Of all the Schizophrenia spectrum disorders, _____ seems to be the closest genetically to schizophrenia.
Schizotypal personality disorder
Which of the following statements about family studies in schizophrenia is not true?
Children who were adopted into families with schizophrenia do not show increased risk of schizophrenia compared to children adopted into normal families.
If the risk factors for schizophrenia were fully known, then _____ would be a definite possibility.
Both 2 and 3 above are correct.
Cognitive deficits found in schizophrenia include _____.
Attentional deviance
Which of the following is not one of the advantages of hospitalization for schizophrenia cited in your text?
Rest and a quiet time for the family.
Which of the following is not a research finding related to Expressed emotion (EE) in schizophrenia?
EE is actually associated with lower risk of relapse in Hispanic families.
According to your text, the optimal treatment for schizophrenia is _____.
None of the above
Another term for Shared psychotic disorder is _____.
Folie à deux
Jerome was diagnosed with Paranoid schizophrenia two years ago, but is not currently showing any signs of the disorder. He is in which category of schizophrenia?
_____ are the most common type of hallucination found in schizophrenia.
Which of the following is an example of a positive symptom of schizophrenia?
Which of the following is a negative symptom of schizophrenia?
flat affect
Genetic researchers favor the _____ model as the best explanation to date of the transmission of schizophrenia.
multifactorial polygenic
A higher risk of schizophrenia has been found among people born in _____.
late winter or early spring.
Children who later develop schizophrenia show greater problems with _____ than do children who do not develop the disorder.
impaired attention
Which of these definitions of the concept of "expressed emotion" is correct?
Family members' attitudes and behavior toward a schizophrenic family member.
The typical first sign of relapse in a schizophrenic patient is _____.
depressed mood.
Long-term follow-up studies indicate that the symptoms of schizophrenia seem to stabilize, or reach a plateau, about _____ after the psychosis first become apparent.
5 to 10 years