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What is acceleration?
It is the rate of change of speed or velocity.
What are balanced forces?
They are equal forces that act on a single object in opposite directions and cancel each other out.
What is dynamics?
It is the study of forces and their effects.
What is a force?
It is a push or a pull that can cause a change in the motion of an object.
What is inertia?
It is the property of a body that resists any change to its uniform straight motion.
What is net force?
It is the overall force on an object after all of the forces acting on it are added together.
What are unbalanced forces?
They are unequal forces acting on a single object that don't cancel out and therefore cause a change in the object's motion.
What is the coefficient of friction?
It is a number that compares friction force to the force pushing two surfaces together.
What is gravity?
It is the natural force of attraction Earth exerts on objects at or near its surface, which tends to draw them toward Earth's center.
What is kinetic friction?
It is the frictional force encountered by an object in motion.
What is static friction?
It is the force needed to start moving an object at rest.
What is centripetal acceleration?
It is acceleration toward the center of a circular path.
What is centripetal force?
It is a force acting toward the center of a circular path that makes an object move along that path.
What does 'parabolic' mean?
It means 'taking the curves shape of a parabola, which is the path a projectile takes when moving through the air.'
What is the Universal Law of Gravitation?
It is, 'There's a gravitational force of attraction acting on any two objects with mass.'
What is uniform circular motion?
It is motion at a constant speed in a circular path.
What is buoyancy?
It is the upward force exerted on an object in a fluid.
What is density?
It is a measure of how much matter there is in a given space. Formally, it's defined as mass divided by volume.
What is a fluid?
It is a substance that is able to take the shape of the container that holds it.
What is fluid displacement?
It occurs when an object placed into a fluid moves some of that fluid aside to make room for itself.
What is pressure?
It is the amount of force being exerted per unit of area.
What is uniform circular motion?
It is motion at a constant speed in a circular path.