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What is V02 nax
total amount of oxygen used L/min
Relate physical training w/ oxygen uptake
The level of physical training, V02 max directlt correlates w/ max 02
when do you recach max stroke volume?
when at v02 max
Relationship of max heart rate of trained verses sedintary
should be comparable
differences in trained vs. sedintary when it cmes to HR
trained have lower submax hR
trained have lower resting HR
what happens to the percent distribution of CO to the heart during exercise?
it stays the same
what causes redistribution of CO during exercise?
1. local metabolite changes
2. decrease in PSNS in the heart and increase in SNS to the heart, veins, ext. increases contractilit
3. non exercising muscles like abdominal organs and kidneys vasoconstrict
What happns to MAP during middle exercise
increases just a little b/c systolic increases a little
what happens to systolic arterial pressure during mild exercise?
increases a little b/c aortic pressure is t e greates
what happens to diastlic arterial pressure during during exercise?
stays unchanged b/c so many peripheral areas are vasodilated
what happen to venous return during mild exercise?
it enhances
what happens to pulse preasure during exercise?
it increases
what does weight traiing cause a huge increase in?
blood pressur
what is a-VO2
differece in the amount of oxygen in the arterial blood versuses the amount of 02 in venous blood as it exists
what happens to a-VO2 during exercise
the difference widens so that the amount of oxygen excreted increase
What changes fo students who began to exercise?
1. resting heart rae decrease,
2. sub max heart rates for a given time decreased
3. vo2 max increased
4. resting SV increased
how does the relationship of O2 uptake and CO change in a trained versus untrained individual
it doesn't change
At comparable work rates, how are a-vO2 differences in trained vs. unchanged?
no differeces
What does training do to lactate threshold?
it improves it, starts to build up some lactate int he blood so you can rely on the glycolitic/anerobic metabolism much sooner
Hormone responses to training
GH increases at rest
ACTH increases during exercise
Corticsol increased dring exersise
epi and norepi decresed at rest
increased insulin sensitivity
health benefits of exercise
-improved cardiovascular fitness
-decreased risk for CAd, HTN, stroke, diabetes Type 2, osteoporosis
-decreased risk for mortality
-may help prevent/slow progression of dementia
-decreased risk for filty
-increased sens of well being