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normal pH of blood is
7.35 - 7.45
acidosis is
less than 7.35
alkalosis is
greater than 7.45
the PaCO2 reflects
respiratory effort
normal PaCO2 is
35 - 45 mmHg
less than 35 PaCO2 can be
respiratory alkalosis or compensated metabolic acidosis
more than 45 PaCO2 can be
respiratory acidosis or compensated metabolic alkalosis
normal bicarb is
22 - 26 mEq
less than 22 mEq bicarb is
metabolic acidosis
more than 26 mEq bicarb is
metabolic alkalosis
compensated respiratory acidosis or alkalosis will only happen if
chronic respiratory condition for days because the bicarb response is slow
a positive base excess is the same as
a negative base deficit and vice versa
base excess of a negative number is the same as
a positive base deficit
base excess or deficit indicates
a metabolic acidosis or alkalosis (since base refers to bicarb basically)
normal base excess value is
normal base to acid ratio is
20:1 - this is set as 0 for the base deficit
a base deficit of -10 is the same as
a base excess of 10
can you draw the scale and label base excess, acidosis,
alkalosis, base deficits, positives and negatives
cyanide poisoning prevents what causing what
prevents O2 from entering the cell, causing acidosis
massive blood loss leads to acidosis because
increase lactic acid build up due to anaerobic metabolism because not enough O2 carrying Hgb
a pt with
pH 7.32, PaCO2 50, HCO3 23, BE .2
noncompensated respiratory acidosis
when in doubt is the primary cause of acidosis or alkalosis respiratory or metabolic
respiratory because it happens so much quicker (unless there is a large change in the base and bicarb numbers)
ph 7.43, paCO2 30, HCO3 14, BE -7
compensated metabolic acidosis
a high O2 with a low sat is seen in
hemorrhaging patients - no carrying capacity
what PaO2 is a 90% sat