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When object is charged, it acquires a charge opposite in sign to the charging rod. (Temporary)
When object is charged, it acquires the same charge as the charging rod. (Permanent)
Device used to detect charges.
What happens when a negatively-charged rod touches the knob of the electroscope?
Electrons are added to the knobe and spread over all the metal surfaces.
What happens when the two leaves insdie the electroscope are -?
Repel eachother
Charging by Induction
WHen charging a neutral body by contact w/ a charged body.
What happens when the electroscope is given a + charge?
Leaves become positive and repel eachother.
Coulombs law
describes the force btwn 2 charged objects
What happens when the electric force varies INVERSELY?
Square btwn the two charged objects
What happens when the electric force varies DIRECTLY?
The product of the charges of the object
Coulomb's charge
6.25 X 10 ^18 electrons
Electric field exists when?
In a resion of space around a charged object
How is the strength of the fields indicated?
By the spacing btwn the lines. And is STRONGEST when lines are closer togetherBy
How is static electricty produced?
By friction btwn 2 objects
When a rubber rod is rubed w/ fur?
When glass is rubbed w silk?
All static charges lie where?
On the surface of an isolated conductor
Charges are ____ off at sharp points of a conductor, and the field is ____ at these points.
Leaked, stronger
A lightning rod has a _____ shape so that the lightning will strike the rod rather than the house. From the rod, the charges flow to the _____.
Pointed, ground
Potential Difference
the amount of work involved when a charge moves bten 2 pts
energy(work) per charge
Coulmbs unit?
Unit for electirc charge
Voltage unit?
Potential difference
Earth is considered what?
Inexhaustible source of electrons.
Earth is?
When an object enters the earth it is?
When the air around a charged object becomes______, an electric discharge can occur which can be a rapid _____ or a slow_____.
Charged, arc, corona
Arc? Ex?
rapid- lightning
Corona? Ex?
Slow- St. Elmos fire
When the - charged bottom of a storm cloud is close to the earth, the ground becomes_____ charged by ______. A discharge can occur involving millions of volts. This is ______.
positive, induction, lightning
2 unlike charges ____ each other, so work must be donw to move them _____. When work is donw on the charges, it is stored as ____ energy.
Attract, away, potential