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large secondary database, lots of full texts
medline is the largest component of pubmed
run by the government
stringent acceptance standards for journals to gain entry
you might not get all the journals out there...but they will be quality for those that you do.
medline plus
part of medline
provides basic health, safety, and drug info
limited in information and topics, may not include all info on each subject
good place to send patients for further info, easy to use
good for background info
science direct
large secondary database, basically the same as pubmed
allows you to search for 3' articles within it
similar to EFacts online, with some overlap
fairly large database, multiple "index" (e.g. poisondex, etc.)
more indepth than lexicomp or clinical pharmacology
can be helpful for info about foreign drugs in "index nominum"
searches for 3' sources within database
more indepth than lexicomp and clinical pharmacology
"drug facts and comparisons" section gives good tables
basically a condensed version of Efacts, without the comparison tables
offers access to many databases and modules
has brief drug monographs, but does not contain the full information
it is quick and to the point
includes "orange book" info
clinical pharmacology
can be viewed as a halfway point between lexicomp and Efacts online
results are more indepth than lexicomp, but not as good as Efacts
has "3+ option"
searches, report/list of case studies, and monthly updates
international pharmaceutical abstracts
secondary source, not a large database
includes abstracts (not full articles) from major pharmacy organizations (APhA, etc)
focused on pharmacy
includes pharmacy law and history
iowa drug information system
secondary resource
references top 200 mainstream pharmacy journals
all articles are on human drug therapy
full text after 1988
index/abstracts 9000+ periodicals
about 50% found in full text
secondary source
similar to pubmed and science direct
based in netherlands
privately owned
references unique set of journals
natural standard
tertiary source
regards natural products
quick info about natural products, uses color coded interaction rating system
pharmacists letter
tertiary source
summarizes key articles pertinent to pharmacy practice
clear short paragraphs put things into perspective
8page newsletter every month
has sections on rumors/myths, CE, indepth articles
natural medicines comprehensive database
tertiary source
regards natural products
made by same people as pharmacists letter
larger more encyclopedic indepth database when compared to natural standard
search of text from books about all healthcare
includes dosage forms, therapeutics, toxicology, DS, etc.
includes AHFS drug information compendium
basically it replaces books
health information for the international traveler
tertiary source
hosted by CDC
good for patients who will be traveling and need quick accurate info
journal of american medical association
international peer reviewed general medicine journal