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casus belli
a reason for war
cave canem
beware of the dog
caveat emptor
let the buyer beware
caveat lector
let the reader beware
citius, altius, fortius
swifter, higher, stronger (motto of Olympics)
cogito, ergo sum
I think, therefore I am (Descartes- 17th century philosopher)
Corpus, Christi
the body of Christ (city in Texas)
cui bono
to whose benefit? (Cicero)
cum grano salis
with a grain of salt
cum laude
with praise
curriculum vitae
“course of (one’s) life”- a resume
de facto
in fact; actually
Dei gratia
by the grace of God
Deo gratias
thanks to God
Decus et Tutamen
grace and protection (edge of British pound)