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Por favor
Thank you very much
Muchas gracias
You're welcome
De nada
My name is....
Me llamo...
I would like....

Me gustaria
I need....

Me falta(n)....
Do you have....
Tiene Ud...?
Please give me....
Deme, por favor....
Could you help me please?
Podrias ayudarme por favor?
Do you speak English?
I speak a little Spanish?
Habla Ud ingles?
Hablo un poco de espanol.
I don't understand.
Please repeat.
What did you say?
I'm lost.
No comprendo.
Repita, por favor.
Que dijo Ud?
Estoy perdido(a)
I'm looking for....
Estoy buscando....
Where is the bathroom?
Donde esta el bano?
Where is the police station?
Donde esta la comisaria de policia?
Where is the American Embassy?
Donde esta la embajada americana?