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they are here
will not see me
where's the car
some water
their funny dog
by the blue house
if we could
why don't you
how many are left
around it
is going far away
if I could
is under
could go now
along the way
why can't I
we went home
once there was
she is away
may I have
will eat it all
here's my yellow hat
they will go
how many are there
must go now
over there
when they come
in front of
when I was
can run fast
how can there be
when they were
asked the girl
was over there
said my mother
beside the tree
all at once
would like to
what it is
across the street
will run away
ran around
after I go
he went away
what if I
there's my father
there it is
she wants more
behind it
when we were