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per annum
throughout the year
per capita
by heads
per diem
by the day
per se
by itself
persona non grata
a person not welcome
possunt quia posse videntur
They can because they think they can
post mortem
after death
prima facie
on the first face of it
primus inter pares
first among (his) equals
pro bono publico
for the good of the public
pro forma
(only) for (the sake of) form
pro patria
for (one's) country
pro tempore
for the time being
Qui transulit, sustinet
He who trans planted (still sustians)
quid pro quo
something for something
rara avis
a rare bird
Regnat populus
the people rule
REquiescat in pace
MAy he/she rest in peace
Salus populisuprema lex esto
let the safety of the people be the supreme law
scuto bonae voluntis tuae cornasti nos
you have encircled us with your seal of good will
semper paratus
always prepared
Si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice
If you seek a lovely peninsula, look about you
Sic semper tyrannis
Thus always to tyrants
sine die
without a day
sine qua non
a necessity
status quo
the situatuation in which it was before
sub poena
a summons to court under penalt for failure to attend
sub rosa
under the rose
sui generis
of its own kind, unique
summa cum laude
with highest honor
summum bonum
with highest good
sursum corda
(lift) up (your)heart
Te deum
Thee, God (we praise)
Tempus fugit
Time flies