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take after
I ..(TA EFTER, LIKNA) my father. Who do you ...(TA EFTER)?
took away
The soldiers...(FÖRDE BORT) the captives ....
take back
I demand that you ...(TA TILLBAKA) what you said.
took back
The dress my grandmother bought for me didn't fit, so I .... it ...(TOG TILLBAKA) and exchanged it for a pair of pants.
taking down
Would you mind ...(SKRIVA NER) my messages while I am on vacation?
take down
The city government made the shop ...(TA NER) their bright, neon sign.
take for
Do you ... me ...(TA NÅGON FÖR) an idiot?
taking in
Are you ...(TA IN, LÄRA SIG) all of these phrasal verbs?
taken in
He was ...(BLI LURAD) by the con artist
take over
Who is going to ...(TA ÖVER) the family business when Aretha's father dies?
took off
My stomach felt funny when the plane ...(LÄMNADE MARKEN).
take off
In many cultures, it is appropriate to ...(TA AV) your shoes when entering a house.
took off
I was sick last week, so I ... a few days ...(TA LEDIGT) of work.
took off
We ...(ÅKTE) after dinner.
taken on
She has .... (TA PÅ SIG) too much responsibility in this project.