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look after
When my sister goes on vacation, I ..(SE EFTER, PASSA) her dog.
look back on/upon
When I ...(SE TILLBAKA PÅ) my childhood, I often feel angry.
looks down on
She's so conceited. She ...(SE NER PÅ) everybody else.
looking for
I'm ...(LETA EFTER) my keys. Have you seen them?
looking forward to
I am ...(SE FRAM EMOT)traveling to New York next year.
looking into
The police are ...(UNDERSÖKA) the murder.
looked on
Everybody just ...(OBSERVERADE, TITTADE PÅ) as the two men fought.
look out
...(SE UPP), there's a black widow spider on the wall.
look over
When I'm camping, I .. my shoes ...(UNDERSÖKA) before I put them on.
look up
It takes time to ...(SLÅ UPP) new vocabulary words.
looks up to
He ...(SE UPP TILL) his father.