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OSHA has developed a national system of inspection based on priority. What would be considerd the first Priority?
Imminent Danger
2- catastrophes and fatal accidents
3- employee complaints
4-high hazard industries
5- follow-up inspections
Describe the OSHA inspection procedures.
Opening confrence- describes the purpose, scope and standards.
Physical inspection- check for postings, inspects for compliances, reviews safety progrems.
Closing confrence- free discussion
OSHA classifies violations into five levels. What is considered the highest level violation?
Wilful violation- intentional violation of safety and health standard.
Example: Knowingly locking fire exits.
What is the second highest level violation?
Serious- a violation likely to cause death or serious injury due to hazard of which the employer should have known. Example- failure to provide training to employees digging a ditch.
What are the next three levels of OSHA violations?
Other then serious- violation that is not likely to cause harm
De Minimis- violation with no relation to job safety i.e. failure to issue an MSDS for a product
What is the fine structure for all of the OSHA violations?
Willful-up to $70,000 per/vio
Serious- up to $7,000 per/vio
Other then ser- up to $7,000
Repeat- up to 70,000 per
DeMinimus- none
When a citation is issued by OSHA what is the employers responsibility?
Post a copy of the citation near the location of the violation for 3 days or until corrected. Pay fine within 15 days or challenge
What is the mine safety and health act of 1977?
An act that established mandatory safety and health standards for underground and surface mines. Requires a minimum number of inspections per year.
Does a job in a mine fall under OSHA?
No the Mine Safety and Health Act established the Mine Safety and Health Admin is in charge of regulating mines.
What is the drug free workplace act of 1988?
Federal contractors with contracts of $100,000 or more must certify that they are drug free.
What are the requirements of the drug free workplace act?
A policy that prohibits manuf, dist, possess or use of a controlled sub in the workplace.--Specify actions taken for violations--provide a copy of the policy to violators within 5 days of drug offense-- est drug awarness
What is an employee right provided by OSHA?
The right to have an authorized representative accompany an inspection.
Which OSHA regulation requires communication to employees about toxic substances in the workplace?
Hazard Communication Standard
To be in compliance with the Hazard Communication standard a company must
Obtain an MSDS for each hazardous substance
The control of Hazardous Energy standard requires an employer to
implement lockout/tagout procedures