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What did the Service Contract Act do?
It extended prevailing wage and fringe benefit requirements to employers providing services under gov't contracts. In
Describe the Age Discrimination Act in Employment ADEA.
It determined older workers may not be discrtiminated against by performance based pay systems.
What does the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) do?
It is an income tax credit to encourage employers to hire people from targeted groups. Paid after the 1st 12 months of work
Who does the Welfare to Work Tax credit apply to?
Tax credit is given to those employers who hire long-term welfare recipents. A % of the employees wages during the first 1-2 years of employment.
What does the Equal Pay Act do?
It prohibits wage discrimination by requiring equal pay for equal work.
Explain the FLSA Equal Pay act of 1963.
It is an amendment to the wage and hour law that prohibits uneaqual pay for equal or substantially equal work preformed by men or women.
Who is burden to prove that a violation of the Equal pay act has been made?
The employer.
What are the key provisions of the Equal Pay Act?
Equal work
Discrimination actions
What four factors define the key provisions of the equal work act?
Equal skills- KSA's
Equal effort- physical or mental
Equal responsibility- the extent the employer depends on the employee
Equal working conditions
Define comparable worth.
Holds that jobs filled priiminarly by women should have the same job classification and salary as do similar jobs filled by men. I.e Janitors vs houskeepers
What are some exceptions to the Equal pay act?
Merit system
Quanity of work
geographic work differentials
What did the Davis Bacon Act establish?
A prevailing wage and fringe benifit requirement for contracts on federally funded projects.
Describe the Copeland "Anti kickback" act.
It prohibits federal contractors from receiving kickbacks from employers or subcontractors for wages earned on federal projects.
What did the Walsh-Healey Act do?
It extended the concept of prevaling wage to employers who manuf or supply goods under gov't contrats and required time and a half be paid.
What is the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?
This is the wage and hour law. It regulated employee OT status as exempt or nonexempt, child labor, minimum wage, OT pay, recordkeeping and other admin