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Create a database named jokes
create database jokes;
Specify that you want to work with the database jokes.
use jokes;
Create a table named Jokes, with fields called ID, JokeText, and JokeDate.
create table Jokes (
ID int not null auto_increment primary key,
JokeText text,
JokeDate date
See all the tables in a database.
show tables;
Add a record.
insert into Jokes set
JokeText = "Why did the chiecken cross the road. To get to the other side.",
JokeDate = "2004-12-25";
See all the tables in the database jokes.
show tables;
See the structure of the table Jokes.
describe Jokes;
Delete the table Jokes.
drop table Jokes;
Add a joke and the date to the table Jokes.
insert in Jokes set
JokeText="Why did the chicken cross the road?",
See all the records in Jokes.
select * from Jokes;
See all the IDs and JokeText in Jokes.
select ID, JokeText from Jokes;
See the first 20 characters of JokeText and also the date in Jokes.
select left(JokeText,20), JokeDate from Jokes;
Find out how many records are in Jokes.
select count(*) from Jokes;
See how many records there are with a date after or on Dec. 10, 2004.
select count(*) from Jokes where JokeDate >= "2004-12-10";
See all JokeText that contains the word "chicken."
select JokeText from Jokes where JokeText like "%chicken%";
See all the JokeText that contains the word "knock" that has a JokeDate later or on Dec. 10, 2004 and before Jan. 1 2005.
select JokeText from Jokes where
JokeText like "%knock%" and
JokeDate >= "2004-12-10" and
JokeDate < "2005-01-01";
Change the JokeDate of the first record to Dec. 16, 2004.
update Jokes set JokeDate = "2004-12-16" where ID = 1;
Change JokeDate to Jan. 1, 2005, for all jokes that contain the word "chicken."
Update Jokes set JokeDate = "2005-01-01"
where JokeText like "%chicken%";
Delete all jokes that contain the word "chicken."
delete from Jokes where JokeText like "%chicken%";
Empty the Jokes table.
delete from Jokes;