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What is a Pigment?
A chemical that absorbs certain types of light.
What is Photosynthesis
The process in which a plant makes food.
What is Chlorophyll
The green pigment in plants that absorbs light energy for photosynthesis
Where does "Light Energy" come from?
The Sun
Where does the Carbon dioxide come from for photosynthesis?
From the air.
Where does the water come from for photosynthesis?
Water comes up from the roots through the xylem.
What are chloroplasts?
Chloroplasts are the organelles in plant cells where photosynthesis takes place.
What do plants use energy for?
To split water into hydrogen and oxygen
How does the oxygen leave the plant?
Oxygen leaves through the stomata.
What is a stomata?
A small opening in a leaf that allows gases to enter and leave the plant.
What happens to the hydrogen?
The hydrogen combines with the carbon dioxide to make simple sugar.
What is Chemical energy for plants?
Chemical energy is in the form of Glucose which is stored as energy for the plants.