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why should sports photographers be good note takers
you have to know and write what is going on because you are probably not going to be the one writing the article
what quality does a good sports photographer have?
knowledge of the sport, players, quick timing, good reflexes
how can you freeze motion
use zone focusing, fast speed film, and a flash
primary human communicator
drawback to a motor drive
shutter is closed most of the time which means you have lesser odds of getting a picture of the peak action
peak moment in sports
instant when the athlete has put forth the maximum energy
why should a photographer NOT root for his favorite team
might miss something important
what type of lense is most commonly used in sports
telephoto lense
define tripod and monopod and which is better and why
tripod: 3 legs, monopod: 1 leg, monopod so you can move around easier
major difficulties in baseball and basketball
baseball: ?dull?, basketball: lighting can be too dark
what type of film is used for sports
fast speed, above 400 (~~800~~, 1000, 3200)