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T-Max Developer
The developer we use to develop a roll of film to negative state
Hot Shoe
holds the flash onto the camera
used to focus the ligt to the body
opening through the camera that exposes the film, the shutter is always closed until the release button is pressed
Shuttr release button
this button opens the shutter
camera body
major part of the camera that holds film and all of the componets but flash
were you put your eye to see the image or picture you will take helps frame pic
opening that allow different amounts of light to enter the lens
Determines the film sped rating of the film you see in camera
the medium used for taking a picture
Latent Image
this is what is recorded on the emulsion side of photo paper when light goes through the negative onto the photopaper
Film canister
smal round light tight canaster to store film after exposed which are wound for developing
Depth of thield
the fstop controls the imae in acceptable focus from the foreground to the backround.the larger the f #, the smaller aperture
f stop
ring that encircles the lens, the differnt numbers control the size of the whole where light enters to hit the camera
freeze motion
use a fast shutter speed to control motion in focus
Light source that shines through a negativem used to project images on to photographic print paper
the light sensative portion of photo paper
Dark Room
where you develop images free from white light
Contact Print
a view of diffent negatives in one print to show if a picture is good or not to print with
Stop Bath
solution that neutralizes the action of the developer
Camera Controls
Major ones are, shutter speed control knob, fstop ring, and the focusing ring
Light meter
helps measure the amount of available light
to rock back and forth the chemicals ina tray or cansiter, this mixes or washes clean chemicasls over the emulsion
holds photo paper during exposure
lights that are safe to keep on during developing of a print
this chemical removes the image density and hardens the print
dry mounting press
machine used to apply heat and pressure for gluing photos to mat board
film advance lever
operates or advances the film counter the film from shot to shot
shutter speed dial
adjust knowb for different fractions of a second for how long the shutter is open
camera storage
do not store a amera in a car, do not store when film advance lever has been cocked, it is bad for the spring, dont leave on
film leader
first to inches of film cassete and has 30 degree cut on the film
film counter
dial that keeps track of how many pictures you have taken