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Sam ran to the fat cat.
The cat ran to the van.
The cat hid in the van.
The big bag hit Rick's back.
Rick bit his lip.
Rick is mad.
The van has no gas.
Dad can fix it.
Dad has gas in a can.
Pam has tan cap.
The cap can not fit Pam.
It is too big.
The ham is big.
It is in a tin can.
The can is big too.
Pam has a van.
It is big.
Pam can namp in the van.
The tin pan has a lid on it.
The lid is too big.
The lid tips.
Rick has a big cat.
The cat is tan.
The big tan cat sits on
Rick's lap.
Pat had a nap on the big mat.
A rat ran to Pat.
Pat ran too.
Pam has a wig.
It is tan.
The wig is on Pam.
Tim hid the jam in a can.
The can is big.
It has a tin lid on it.
Bill has a big hat.
It is tan.
A cat sits on the hat.
The cat ran to the rat.
The rat ran to a can.
The rat hid in the can.
Sis has a map.
Dad taps Sis on the back.
Sis will pass the map to Dad.
Dan's cap is big.
It fits in a big bag.
Dan can pack the bag.
A tin can is on the mat.
The mat is tan.
A man kicks the tin can.
Dick has a mitt.
The mitt has a big rip in it.
Dick can fix the rip.
Jim's hat is too big.
It can not fit.
Jim can pin it.
Dad is at his lab.
Dad can not kiss the kids.
The kids miss dad.
Ann has a cat.
The cat sits on Ann's lap.
The cat naps on Ann's lap too.