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What are anticoagulants?
A substance what prevents blood from clotting.
What are 4 types of anticoagulants?
1) Ethlenediaminetetraacetic Acid (EDTA);
2) Heparin;
3) Sodium citrate;
4) Potassium or Ammonium oxalate
What are the 3 heparin formulations?
1) ammonium hep.
2) lithium hep.
3) sodium hep.
What color stopper does a EDTA tube have?
-royal blue w/ lavender label
What color stopper does a Heparin tube have?
-(Sodium)royal blue w/ green label
What color stopper does a Sodium Citrate tube have?
-light blue
What color stopper does a potassium or ammonium oxalate tube have?