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Utilitarianism is impractical b/c bentham expects us 2 calculate every moral judgement 2 any legislative decision
benthams felicific calculus when measuring the pleasure & pain of just a SINGLE pleasure takes in2 account 4 things...
remoteness or nearness
interest of the community is the sum of the interests of the memberswho make it up
the utility of an action is determined by
the tendency of that action 2 produce happiness
bentham is only interested in the interest of..
the community in general and individual
bentham says that the goal of utilitarian system is 2 rear the fabric of felicity by hands of reason and law" means fabric of truthfullness TRUE OR FALSE?
bentham says the goal of he utilitarian system is that using..
our understanding and our government it is hoped that we can build a system of happiness
bentham says that in trying 2 determine the good or bad tendency of an act.. 2 things must be considered..
fecundity and purity
benthams discussions of actions applies onlly 2 actions of ...
governments, corporations, and individuals
what makes this utilitarianism rather than egoism?
those who govern us should be
elected and temporarily revocable by those governed
milll trusts the democratic majority and leaders to do the right thing
On liberty is about how much...
control the govt ought to have over its citizens
mills believes or doesnt believe that govt should act 2 prevent hte agent from harming other and should act to prevent the agen harming himself
which more wrong--
ppl wanting govt to leap in correcting every evil or
ppl dont want govt to get involved in many things
leap in correcting every evil
the premise for epicurus argument are death is nothing to us and that which lacks sensation is nothing to us
FALSE its conclusion
blackburn says we should resist...
slippery slope reasoning
blackburn thinks if unplugging someone on life support is playing god than..
hooking someone up to life support is too
a bad way 2 begin thinking about death is to try to imagine..
what it will be like for me
even if being dead is not a state someone is in it is still bad b/c..
it brings an end to a good thing living
the pt being made here is that if one has the right to life automatically has right to all labor and time and resources of others TF?
blackburne is trying 2 make the pt that every woman indeed every person has right to control his her own
Blackburne implies that playing God is always..
blackburn thinks that idea that a fetus is a baby or a person ...
begs the question
blackburn thinks that the deontological ideas of duties demands and rights doesn't not fit will with...
although blackburne doesn't mention it, many missing women are missing b/c of
sex selective abortion
blackburne believes that a fetus is a...
potential person
blackburn believes the reason a woman wishes 2 have an abortion is relevant 2 ..
whether or not it is the right thing to do..
other reasons for missing women are inequalities in...
care and sustenance and infanticide
blackburne believes the stage of...
development is relevant in issue of abortion
blackburne believes that the issue is black and white or grey area
grey area
pllaying god has no bearing on whether it is morally right or wrong. instead it just indicates that it...
upsets us
blackburn does not believe in the
after life bc it is metaphysically comprehensive to him
what is aristotle view on happiness?
engagement with the world, reasoning, healthy
pleasures and pains of people as a whole
fits well with gradualist approach
forward looking
maybethe actions morally wrong but the outcome is good then good!
mills view on utilitarianism
desiring a thing and finding it pleasant are one and same
eeryone is concerned for everyones pleasure
benthams view on utilitarianism
strings of sensation
deonological view
things are just right and wrong
arguments against utilitarianism
requires morals to visualize what is right and actually wrong
doesn't take seriously the separateness of persons
defense for utilitarianism
judge particular rrights, rules, laws "get to be on the list"
"Freedom from the Bad"
easier to say what has to be avoided than achieved
felicific calculus
scientific way of determining what matters in decisions
kants philosophy on lies
NO LIE acceptable
motives are mixed with in us
sense of duty
mills take on utilitarianism
that there are higher pleasures than others
QuANTITY alone
all pleasures same
no ones happiness counts more than others
pleasure and pain rule our lives
teleological approach
actions that produce more benefit than harm are right
actions help or hurt people
who is a deneological thinker?
kants belief
stems from reason itself
be done for the sake of moral law
do not treat ppl as means
categorical imparitive
any proposition that requires an action 2 be necessary
one non ethical moral value
than society could ever hold any false or mistaken moral views (nazis)
second non ethical moral
there is ethical progress
who is reason based?
human nature based?
descriptive relativism
discovers moral beliefs vary everywhere
attemp to describe whats out there
what is fallacy of decriptive rel.?
doesn't tell us there is one answer/not an objective moral truth
ethical relativism
all kinds of viewsb/c no objectivity
descriptive egoism
everyone always puts out for sake of own best interest.
what does the universalization test ask us?
see what happens if we imagine everyone doing what we are considering doing
if you want to stay out of trouble,, don't murder someone one is categorical imperative or not?
kantalian ethics and utilitarian ethics both oppose??
the utilitarians belive the good has to do with??
kant belives that the good has to do with??
the action done for good will
why is egoism immoral to kant?
b/c no one is will 2 have all persons act as egoists at all times
utilitarianism and kantianism present what they think are ____ and _____ ethics
universal and objective
if one does one's duty, 1 has good will true or false?
FALSE one must be acting from duty
a good will is good because
of doing the duty itself
NOT B/C what it can accomplish
kant develops the categorical imperative to show the relativity or objectivity of ethics?
objectivity NOT RELA.
kant believes a person is morally praiseworthy as long as they...`
try to do duty.
kants ethics are not trying to be the ____ rule
good will is composed of what 3 things..
1)wanting to do what duty requires
2)knowing what is the right thing 2 do as determined by cat. imperative
3)striving with all means in ones power to do right thing