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Practical Sciences
Form in Action
a. Requirements for the study of ethics include life experiences and an all-around education.

b. Characteristics of ethics
d. Happiness is the highest good: "happiness then is the best, noblest, and most pleasant thing in the world"
1) Three perspectives
a) Vulgar or ordinary happiness is identified with sense pleasure and suitable to beasts.
b) Political happiness refers to honor or vertue (Aristotle focused on this sense)
c) Contemplative happiness is metaphysical wisdom.
2) Meaning of happiness
a) It is always desirable in itself without qualification
b) As self-sufficient, it is adequate to one's social situation
c) Happiness is "an activity of soul in accordance with perfect virtue"
d) Pleasure and wealth accompany happiness
1) Moral virtues regulate the irrational impulses of feelings of man
2) Intellectual virtues focus on the rational