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goal of philosophy
To find truths through reason
to have respect for an argument
terms of art
words that get used in a specialized way.
reasons to support a claim. evidence to support a conclusion
example of clue words
therefore, since, thus ect..
accept something as true and explain why
necessary condition
requirement for something else
sufficient condition
enough for something else
hypothetical or conditional statement
if p then q..
evidence supporting the conclusion
sound argument
valid argument with true premises (it is necessary and sufficient for proving an argument)
argument evaluation
discovers whether an argument is sound.
can there be unsound arguments with true conclusions
yes. unsoudn arguments only mean that the argument did not prove the truth of the conclusion.
statement made about wide topic that is not necessarily true.
can an argument be valid but not sound
yes. generalizations often can have valid arguments but not be sound.
arguments can be..
valid, invalid, unsound, sound
conclusions can be..
true, false, proven, unproven
logical fallacies
common invalid arguments
denying the antecedent
mistakenly supposing that p is necessary for q
affirming the consequent
mistakenly supposing that q is sufficient for p