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What is a theory?
philosophical argument based on beliefs and perception.
what is empiricism?
gain knowledge by use of FIVE SENCES.
who was Jean Paul Sarte?
french philosopher, atheist, metaphysics
what is metaphysics?
what is imamamuel Kart?
a prior- knowledge gained independent of sense experience.
what is a priori?
universal given concept to undderstnad the world- starting point
who is john locke?
a political philosopher
"all philosophy begins with ______"?
what is wonderman?
curiosity because "we dont know"
what are some thngs we dont know?
god, where we came from, future, disease, purpose, lov, death.
what is hans kung?
came up with the greatest philosphical question "Does God exist?"
who said "You can not learn with out pain.""
who siad "you are what you think"?
what is philosophy?
love of wisdome
what is wisdom?
to know when not being taught
what are the branches of philosophy?
metaphysics, epistemology, logic, aethetcs, political philosophy, social philosophy.
what is metaphysics?
oldest branch- study of ultimate reality
who is thales?
first philosopher
what is epistemology? and what are 2 forms?
study of knowledge.
1.empiricism (5 senses) Areostotle
2. rationalism (human reasoning and intuition) Plato
what is logic?
correct reasoning.
what is aethetics?
art and beauty
what is political philosophy?
study of state. Plato
what is social philspphy?
what are approaches to doing philosophy?
Metaphysics/speculate, existentiallism, analytic approach
what is metaphysics/speculate?
far ranging questions.
what is existentialism?
"way of life",
1.religious- Soren Krerkesparod
2. Non-religious- Jean Paul Sarte.
what is analytical approach?
when philosophers rely on science and are skeptical of metaphysics
what are themes of exstentalism?
individual, free will, human crisis, world is irrational, death