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Consequences of the act determine its rightness or wrongness.Ends justify the means
Teloelogical Ethics
The kind of act determines the rightness or wrongness. Ends never justify the means
Deontological Ethics
The notion that there is only one correct answer to every moral problem.
The ethical theory that the good or right thing to do can be known directly via intuition.
Asks us what kind of person we should be.
Virtue Ethics
We only have a moral responsibility with those we have a relationship with.
Ethics of care
Every person makes their own uniersal law, we do not need an external authority to determine moral law.
Kant's Principle of Autonomy
You should never view people as a means to an end. Treat others as you would have them treat you.
Kant's Principe of Ends
A command to perform actions that are necessary of themselves without reference to other ends.
Kant's Universalizing Principle
God's will (Commands) determine right & wrong.
Divine Command Theory
Philosophizing about ethics itself (Ethical Theories)
Meta Ethics
Something signified by verifiable statements.
An evaluative statement like: murder is wrong, helping people is good
The doctine that no valid moral principle exists.
Moral Nihilism
Believes that there is no right answer until we choose what is right and what is wrong.
Soren Kierkegaard's Three stages of human existence
1. Aesthetic Stage
2. Ethical Stage
3. Religious Stage
Aesthetic Stage
Have no commitments, ultimate aim is pleasure, avoid the temptation to commit.