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Swiss-French Political Theorist
Saw a fundamental divide between society and human nature; man's good nature is corrupted by civilization
Jean Jacques Rousseau
German Social Philosopher and Revolutionary
Founder of modern socialism and communism; Analyzed economic and social history; Thought that the triumph of the working class was inevitable.
Karl Marx
German Philosopher
He passionately rejected the "slave morality" of Christianity for a new, heroic morality that would affirm life. Leading this new society would be a breed of supermen whose "will to power" would set them off from the "herd" of inferior humanity.
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Greek Philosopher
around 427-347 B.C.
He argued for the independent reality of Ideas, or Forms, as the immutable archetypes of all temporal phenomena and as the only guarantee of ethical standards and of objective scientific knowledge.
French Existentialist
Philosopher, novelist, and playwright, the foremost exponent of existentialism. Friend of Simone de Beauvoir; Influenced by Heidegger & Marx; Declined the 1964 Nobel Prize for Literature
Jean-Paul Sartre