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prerogative (n)
privilege; unquestionable right
piscatorial (adj)
pertaining to fishing
plenary (adj)
complete; full
polity (n)
form of government of a nation or state
precipitant (n)
something that causes a substance in a chemical solution to separate out in solid form
presentiment (n)
feeling something will happen; anticipatory fear
propitiate (V)
propriety (n)
fitness; correct conduct
proselytize (v)
induce someone to convert to a religion or belief
provenance (n)
origin or source of something
provisional (adj)
prurient (adj)
having or causing lustful thoughts and desires
puerile (adj)
pugnacity (n)
combativeness; disposition to fight
puissant (adj)
powerful; strong; potent
philology (N)
study of language
phlegmatic (adj)
calm; not easily disturbed
piebald (adj)
of different colors; mottled; spotted
piecemeal (adv)
one part at a time
pied (adj)
variegated; multicolored
pillory (v)
punish by placing in a wooden frame; subject to criticism and ridicule
piquant (adj)
pleasantly tart-tasting; stimulating
pique (n)
irritation; resentment
pique (v)
provoke or arouse; annoy
pith (n)
core or marrow; essence; substance
platitude (n)
trite remark; commonplace statement
plaudit (n)
enthusiastic approval; round of applause
plumb (v)
examine critically in order to understand; measure depth (by sounding)
plutocracy (n)
society ruled by the wealthy
polemic (n)
controversy; argument in support of a point of view
polyglot (adj)
speaking several languages
precept (n)
practical rule guiding conduct
precipitate (adj)
rash; premature; hasty; sudden
precipitate (v)
throw headlong; hasten
précis (n)
concise summing up of main points
precursor (n)
prelate (n)
church dignitary
preponderance (n)
superiority of power; quantity, etc
prevaricate (v)
privation (n)
probity (n)
uprightness; incorruptibility
proliferate (v)
grow rapidly; spread; multiply
prolixity (n)
tedious wordiness; verbosity
promontory (n)
promulgate (v)
proclaim a doctrine or law
propensity (n)
natural inclination
propinquity (N)
nearness; kinship
proscribe (v)
ostracize; banish; outlaw
protean (adj)
protract (v)